Do you have a frieze carpet in your home? If yes, then it’s time to get yourself a good vacuum cleaner that can easily clean these types of carpets. The truth is, these carpets are very hard to clean.
So if you have one, then you know it’s time to get a good vacuum cleaner. Luckily, there are some great options when it comes to vacuuming frieze carpets.

What is a Frieze Carpet?

Frieze is a type of wall or floor covering created by weaving a series of perpendicular bands into a geometric pattern. The name comes from the elaborate patterns woven into these carpets.
Frieze carpets are very durable and hard to damage. They have low surface friction and are therefore easy to clean. They also have a soft underfoot feel which is especially nice for those with allergies.

How does Vacuum Cleaners for Frieze Carpets work?

A vacuum that is specifically designed for frieze carpets. The most important feature to look for is a wide suction power range.
A low suction power range means the vacuum will have a really hard time adapting to the extra dense weave of the carpet and you’ll end up with dust clouds instead of dust.
A high suction power range will be able to adapt to the weave better, but might not have the suction power to fully clean the deep pile of the carpet.

Why should you get Vacuum Cleaners for Frieze Carpets?

If you’re looking to clean your frieze carpet but you don’t own a vacuum that is capable of doing the job, then you’re doing it wrong. These vacuums were specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by this type of carpet.


If you have a frieze carpet, it’s time to get a good vacuum cleaner that can easily clean these types of carpets. The best vacuums on the market today all have the ability to tackle these types of carpets with ease.

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