Big Boss has heard the voice of a woman in the house. No one knew what it was. Even though the woman hinted at it, no one could find it. It is then known that her name is Kamani. The disappearance is not for anyone, but rather the camera at the Bigg Boss house.

Yes, this time Bigg Boss has spoken with home camera competitors. The contestants have answered some of the questions that have been asked, and are not forgotten. Shamant said he liked to see her and called him Darling

Question of Kanmani to Prashant Sambaragi

Kanmani: What’s there like fasting and Emperor Chandrachud? Which is easier to leave?
Prashant Sambaragi: I like fasting. Fasting is part of my life, fasting power for persistence and purification, and it is easy for the emperor to leave

What did Chakravarthy Chandrachud ask for?

Kanmani: Did you come to this house as a player? Came to play the game?

The game must be played and played. The player should have the experience of playing the game, and the player should have the experience of playing the game.

The answer is in your two questions

Kanmani: I’m Not Man, Not Psychology Work

The Chakravarthy: When Bigg Boss Comes Out of the House

Priyanka knows that Chakravarthy Chandrachud has been playing by the gaze.

What did Shubha Poonja ask for?

Kanmani: Which of the following is a favorite of both mangoes and sleep?
Mango fruit. Give me mangoes wherever I sleep

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KP Arvind

Feel like a stray in a bike race?
Yes, once

Shamant Bro Gowda told Kamani that the song had to be done by now.