You all will be aware that you have brought new rules in YouTube that you are seeing a new notification in your YouTube, that you can see the option of USA TAX verification there, you are seeing that there people, you can fill that application If you have to do the form, then there will be a lot of money cut on it, that’s why we will give you complete information, how to fill that YouTube USA TAX Verification Form and we will tell you the complete information with complete information.

Google Adsense uses a lot of people in the field of their blogging and with it the new inside YouTube which has been implemented within the USA TAX in India, that’s why the problem has come for all the people who are running YouTube channel on YouTube and you have some Do not have to go and give it directly with the tax you have, the problem starts and we give you information with the Explain.

A lot of people are in this confusions, which is just for YouTube now, it can be applied within the section within the Blogging sector in the coming time, just within YouTube, this USA TAX verification notification can be done on all YouTube. Who is going to go? Many people have just done the last date, which has been given the date of submitting the tax bill form, May  within 2021.

How to submit google adsense youtube us tax verification in India

  • The first thing to do is to login inside Google Adsense, which is connected with your YouTube, you will have to login inside the same Google Adsense.
  • After that you have to click on the payment option over there.
  • There you will see it by doing tax information or you have to click inside it.
  • After clicking on the ADD TAX INFO, a popup window opens there and you have to login once again with the same email for a confirmation.
  • After that you have to start the process which I tell you by following the same steps within your USA TAX Verification in India, so you can solve this problem in an easy way Indians.
  • There you see two options, after that you have to click on the Indian. The second question which is asked is that you are near USA and you are from USA but you have to give it there.

After that you will be asked that you have to select the form of your Yogesh tax verification which is the first one which also tells its name W-8BEN you have to select this form.

After that you will see the start with W-8BEN form

Click on it

google adsense tax information india

First of all, if you fill the form, then the name which is inside your PAN card and the name that is inside the payment address should match with that name, you have to enter the same name there.

After that, you have to select the country from which country do you live from, that is why we tell you Indian who is to set Indian.

How to submit Google AdSense YouTube USA TAX Verification in India

There is this difficult question that a lot of people remove taxpayer identification number, many people do not know this, that is TIN number, which is why inside India, you have to intercept the PAN card number which you have Which is your PAN card After entering your PAN card, you have to intercept the PAN card number and follow the steps after entering the PAN card number, I will tell you after clicking Next after clicking Next. There you will see the address which is to be entered, which address is your own, which is the permanent address from the regular address on the same address, which is to enter the same address inside the same form there.

google adsense tax in india

Let me tell you what to tick, which is to click both the Permanent address and the mailing address with it.

After clicking on Next, you will see a Difficult option here and there you do have to click on it above, after that you have to click on it. After that, you have to click above Special Rates and Conditions Article 7 paragraph 1 and the reduce rate of that will be 0% is what the service of AdSense will show you image follow the same processor. After clicking, you have to click on Next.

I hope that after following all the steps, you must have filled your US tax verification form, after that it is to check all your forms once, because if there is a misstep, then it becomes easy to correct you there.

How to submit Google AdSense YouTube USA TAX Verification in India

How to submit Google AdSense YouTube USA TAX Verification in India

After you check everything, the last option that comes is to do your signature, which is the name inside your payment address, then after tax, you have to sign your name on the same name which you have given, that is, enter your name. There is

After interpreting the name, the last option will come. After clicking on the submit, after a few hours, your USA TAX verification will be YouTube by your Earnings, after that the money of your tax verification will be deducted only from 15 %.


If you face some difficulty in filling the text, that is, in submitting the form, then you can tell us within the comment and we will try to solve your problem, you will submit your form by following the same steps which we told you.