Manoj Dey has uploaded a new video about Google Apps within ₹ 10 to take 1000 viwes of that YouTube in it and inside it he has used a video of how Google Apps are made and inside it, video use of technical yogi Has been done, but inside it, many people inside YouTube are telling their voice that this is quite a video. The issue has been copied. This video has been used on top of the other video inside it.

Manoj Dey Copied Techical Yogi Video new Controversy on YouTube

Manoj Dey Copied Technical Yogi Video new Controversy on YouTube

But the technical yogi has posted a new video inside it, but when he told it inside that if he uses my videos, but if he uses it inside Google ads video , then I do not give him a lot of copyright strikes, he is inside the negative way. If you use, then legal action Youtube give copyright strike, they have created the video and Manoj had taken permission from the technical yogi before giving that video inside his video, but he said that we will give you credit but he They have made a mistake there, they have not given credits in for that video, that is why many people are asking the technical yogi’s subscribers, they are commenting why many people have not taken back on it.