Sourav Joshi Vlogs Top 2 vlogger after flying beast of India which Sourav Joshi vlogs have just recently bought their new car,Toyota Innova Crysta (White) the name of which you can see is this and they have also made a video with her and they look very happy that they have shared with them inside the video He took a new car with the family to Chandigarh, where he took a new car, he had booked that car 2 months ago, but some problem videos were delayed in his car, he was telling them inside a lot of videos.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs bought their new car from YouTube Money

Sourav Joshi Vlogs bought their new car from YouTube Money

image credits: Sourav Joshi Vlogs

That he was to have a car delivery in January but he could not find it. After that, the end of the day is filled with heart in February. He has also made a video with him. Piyush was also with him and you can see his volgs everything. You can understand a lot by watching more inside the video, he celebrated his family very happily together, he has also cut a cake with him and he has done the dance etc.

And inside his next sourav joshi vlogs he explains that and along with that he has also tried to learn the car and he was driving the car. He has shown one inside his video. He and you can see his block and quite a family-friendly Eco friendly vlogs . You can write for their videos like this, you can read, they have a good vlogs too and can watch the video well. They make videos for editing high quality and they also gave an update that they had a new camera.

They have thought of taking a monkey inside their video, they told you which camera it is, you have to wait at the moment, after that they also told that they have taken this new laptop, they have refused the new laptop Apple MacBook Pro with them. The video is also made and can be viewed by going inside their channel.