vikranth rona release in how many languages

Vikrant Rona This movie which is releasing in 6 languages ​​has been made in many different ways and you can watch this movie within six kings and the movie is very well made in 3D. Has gone

vikranth rona movie budget

There is a question inside the mind of a lot of people that how much is the budget of this movie, how much will be the budget of Vikrant Rona movie, the budget of this movie will probably be around 150 crores and after the release of this movie, its real budget is known.

vikranth rona Movie Cast, budget, story, Release Date

vikranth rona Movie Cast, budget, story, Release Date

vikranth rona wikipedia

You can also get information about this movie inside Wikipedia, Vikrant Roane Movie Wikipedia, you can go and watch it, but you get a lot of information in different ways.

vikranth rona story

Vikrant Rana which is the story, I tell you the story, what is the story of the film, Vikrant Rona, who is this, on behalf of you, Marley Detective or whether it is a superhero The story begins. What does it mean? He lives there from the forest and suddenly he finds a girl with the meaning that you did not go to the parents of that girl and you have to face a lot of difficult soup. Falls and has reached its destination in the face of difficulties and there it becomes Story and Story. Story is meant to be adventure in one way and it is being released in the first time 3D by loading the industry. Those who have not yet made the story inside it, that is why they have made the picture and Anuj has also been done, the date of release of the picture is released on August 19 and many people are waiting inside the whole world.

The director of this is very well directed and the music is also very well, he has called the magician from different places and how the story has been depicted.

vikranth rona heroine

Shraddha Srinath The heroine of this movie is Shraddha Srinath, the heroine of Vikrant Mona Movie


vikranth rona Movie Cast

  • Kichcha Sudeep as Vikrant Rona
  • Nirup Bhandari as Sanjeev Gambhir aka Sanju Sanjeev is described as “a jovial and friendly person.
  • Neetha Ashok as Aparna Ballal aka Panna