The video of the triggered Insaan has been Shadow Ban in YouTube, so they have uploaded a video inside their channel, the main channel which is the triggered Insaan, within that channel, they have put the title in the YouTube band, they have told this inside this video That youtube was Shadow Ban me maybe because my videos are not visible even after searching, that’s why I am making this video.

YouTube has Shadow Ban video of Triggered Insaan

YouTube has Shadow Ban video of Triggered Insaan

This incident happened to me a second time. They have told inside their video and this bean thing generation pewdiepie This is what has happened to him on the big YouTube, he has spoken and he has told this video that I am making this video because there will be with it whether the video is such a shadow or not and Along with this, he has also told that the street was touched with this video and there was no problem.

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What is youtube shadow Ban

YouTube Shadow Ban is a very dangerous thing, we are telling you that YouTube will shut you down by shutting you down in such a way that you will not know that your views will start falling and your youth century will reach your subscribers. The video will not reach and the regulation will not reach the middle and even after searching, your video will not be seen, this is what Shadow Ban says, so we have told you about it and YouTube’s.

And if you please load good quality content videos inside YouTube and then keep the title well and you have people like Youtube, after that you will not face any problem.